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Strawberry Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

Strawberry Detox Water

Strawberry detox water is consistently one of the most popular infused water recipes we’ve ever seen. There’s something about the delicious taste of a cold strawberry drink on a hot day that really quenches your thirst.

But did you know that strawberry infused water is also very good for you, too?

Discover the healthy benefits of strawberry water and enjoy my delicious Strawberry Detox Water Recipes. One taste and you’ll agree that strawberry infused detox water is one of the best tasting detox drinks you’ve ever had.

Strawberry Water Benefits

Strawberries are one of nature’s “super foods”. Technically, they’re a member of the rose family and not a fruit or berry, but an enlarged receptacle of a flower. They are loaded with vitamins and contain very high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols. Just one serving (approximately 8 strawberries) contains more vitamin C than an orange.

Water is another natural healthy wonder. Studies have show that by just drinking water, you increase your resting metabolism rate and increase your weight loss potential. Combine that with all the wonderful things water does for your health like suppress hunger, flush your system, and hydrate your body, and it’s at the top of the list of best weight loss tools.

So the next time strawberries are fresh and in season near you, pick up a few baskets and give strawberry detox water a try. You’ll be able to cut back on sugary drinks that are really bad for you, and your family will love these.

Feel free to experiment and let me know in the comments below what great new strawberry infused detox water recipes you discover.

Strawberry Detox Water Recipes

There are an endless number of ways to make strawberry detox water. Strawberries provide such a unique and delicious flavor in water that you can pair them with just about any fruit or vegetable and it will taste really good.

Here are some tips for making strawberry detox water:

  • You can usually get 2-4 fill-ups out of one batch of these ingredients, but you might want to change them out a little sooner if you prefer a stronger flavor.
  • For an extra special treat, use sparkling water instead of regular water. It adds more taste and looks really pretty in a fancy glass.
  • The longer the water sits, the stronger the flavor. It’s usually mild at first, but after a few hours (or overnight) it can be quite strong.
  • Strawberries are usually washed, de-stemmed, and sliced, but they can also be served whole for a pretty presentation. They just don’t infused as much flavor when left whole.

Here are some of the most popular strawberry infused water recipes.

Strawberry Lime Water

Strawberry Lime Water

For this yummy Strawberry Lime Water recipe, you’ll need one cup of fresh strawberries (whole or sliced), and 2 limes (sliced or quartered). In a half-gallon jar, or a 2 quart pitcher, layer the strawberries and lime slices with ice cubes. Fill your jar or pitcher with water. Let it marinate for about 10 minutes, and then enjoy!

Strawberry Mint Water

Strawberry Mint Water

This is a classic strawberry detox water recipe, and also one of my favorites. For Strawberry Mint Water you’ll need 4 whole strawberries (sliced) and 6 fresh mint leaves (washed and torn into pieces).

Put sliced strawberries and torn mint leaves into an infused water pitcher. Fill with fresh, (preferably) filtered water and stir. Refrigerate for an hour or more to let the flavors infuse. Pour over ice and serve! The pitcher can be refilled with fresh water using the same mint and strawberries a couple of times.

For a stronger flavor, add more mint or more strawberries.

Strawberry Watermelon Water

Strawberry Watermelon Water

Strawberry Watermelon Water makes a refreshing summer drink. When watermelons and strawberries both come into season it becomes the perfect time to make this delicious strawberry detox water recipe. You will need 1/2 pint of fresh strawberries, 2 slices of watermelon (cubed), and 1 lime or 6 mint leaves (optional).

Always use the freshest and sweetest watermelon and strawberries that you can find, usually at farmers markets or street side vendors during strawberry season. Slice the strawberries and watermelon up into large pieces and place them in a pitcher full of ice water. You can also add fresh lime slices and mint leaves (torn) to add a little extra flavor and balance out the sweetness.

Strawberry Cucumber Water

Strawberry Cucumber Water

This is another great hot weather drink that is so refreshing and delicious, I could drink it every day!.

To make Strawberry Cucumber Water, add 8 ounces strawberries and 1/2 a sliced cucumber into a 2 quart pitcher of ice water.  Refrigerate 2 to 4 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse.

Strawberry Lemon Water

Strawberry Detox Lemon Water

This is another great recipe that contains a LOT of vitamin C and tastes absolutely wonderful.

To make Strawberry Lemon Water, add 8 ounces sliced strawberries and 1 sliced lemon (rind removed) into a 2 quart pitcher of ice water.  Refrigerate 2 to 4 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse.

More Strawberry Detox Water Recipes

There are so many ways to make strawberry detox water, it’s all up to you to find out what you like best. Here are a few more strawberry water recipe ideas you might enjoy:


However you choose to enjoy strawberry detox water, the most important thing to keep in mind is to find what you like and drink it often. For real weight loss results, you need to DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Check out our full list of fruit infused water recipes for even more great recipe ideas. Enjoy!

After Workout Watermelon and Rosemary Power Water

Watermelon and Rosemary Power Water

This delicious Watermelon and Rosemary Power Water helps hydrate you and maintains your fat burning after a workout.

Also, check out my Mango Basil Water and my Apple Cinnamon Water, one Boosts Metabolism and the other is a Natural Anti Inflammatory and helps Cure a Hangover. Can you guess which does what?

Makes one big pitcher, refill 3-5 times-

  • 2 cups Chopped Watermelon
  • 2 large Sprigs of Rosemary

In a large pitcher drop in the watermelon and rosemary, cover with ice and then water. Place in fridge for 10 minutes before serving. Once the water is 1/2 way gone refill with cold water, keep doing that 3-5 times before replacing watermelon and rosemary.

Makes 1 one liter  water bottle, refill 3-5 times-

  • 1/4 cup Thinly sliced Watermelon
  • 1 small Sprig of Rosemary

If the water bottle is full dump some out to make room for the watermelon, if empty put the watermelon and rosemary in first and then add water. Shove the watermelon and rosemary into your water bottle put in fridge for 10 minutes, that’s it! Refill when it gets 1/2 way down with cold water, do that 3-5 times before adding more watermelon and rosemary.

Watermelon and Rosemary Power Water*A note on the water bottle method, you will not be able  to get the watermelon and rosemary out so don’t use something you will want to keep unless it has a wide mouth.

This fat burning recipe was written for the Workout Chapter of my first cookbook FRUIT INFUSION, a colorful cookbook full of metabolism boosting, fat burning drinks, teas, sodas and ice cubes. With over 40 recipes to choose from you and your taste buds will never be bored with water again!