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Tips For Drinking More Water

Tips for Drinking Water

So, why water?

Why not sports drinks or zero calorie diet sodas and powders? Your body is made of water; you need to replenish it on a daily basis to keep your body functioning at its optimal level. When you sweat you lose water, so what will you choose to replenish it with?

I get several e-mails, comments and messages both here and on my Facebook page each day asking “I want to lose weight, how do I get started?” I give them four tips, the 1st and most important is: “Drink a gallon of water a day.”

I know it sounds like a lot to drink, here are some tips for drinking more water to make it easier:

  • Drink  two 8 oz glasses of water with each meal. That gets you 1/2 of the way there for the day.
  • Get a 23.7 oz Smart Water bottle (or which ever medium-sized bottle you like best) and drink a little over 5 a day you are done, that for me is the easiest way. I drink one with each meal and carry it with me all day. It is so easy and most days I drink 6 or 7 exceeding my water intake goal for the day.
  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink a bottle of water, this is great for people who have a busy schedule or who just forget.
  • Tally it on your food journal or planner. I did this religiously for a while when I first started on my weight loss journey, I kept a food journal on my fridge with the calorie count and at the top I tallied how many glasses of water. It actually kept me from snacking too, I would see the food journal and instead of grabbing a snack I would tally my water, pour myself a glass and walk away.
  • Add fruit to your water, I have a number of Flavored Waters you can check out or create your own. Using frozen fruit is more fun and delicious than ice cubes. I have a friend who loves the berry mix in the frozen fruit section, she adds it to her water.
  • Fizzy water is one of my favorite ways to drink water, and I love it when a restaurant has Club Soda on the unlimited Fountain Sodas. Sometimes I put my fizzy water in a wine glass at dinner and sip it like I would sip wine. Guilt free and fun! Add fruit and make your own sodas like my Strawberry Lime Spritzer.

Make sure to pick up a copy of my cookbook FRUIT INFUSION: A Collection of Day Spa Inspired, Fruit Infused Waters, meant to help you drink more water and therefore lose more weight!