Fruit Infused Water Bottle and Pitcher Reviews


There are a number of fruit infused water bottles and pitchers available on Amazon which makes creating an infused water recipe easier. These bottles and pitchers are dishwasher safe and make a nice table-ready pitcher for serving your flavored waters.

What is the best fruit to use in a infuser water pitcher? Any fruit will work as long as you can cut it into small enough pieces to fit in the infusion chamber. Try any of our infused water recipes in a fruit infused water bottle or pitcher and you’ll understand why these are so popular.

We’ve checked out a few of the top selling fruit infused water bottles available on the market, and here are our thoughts on these products. We tried to provide you with a list of the best:

Prodyne Fruit Infusion 2.9 Quart Pitcher
(currently on sale!)

Prodyne Fruit Infusion 2.9 Quart PitcherOur Favorite Pitcher

This larger-sized pitcher is our favorite for one primary reason: it’s BIG! If you’re going to go through the effort of making a batch of fruit infused water, you want to get a lot out of it, right? It’s also handy to be able to take this attractive acrylic pitcher from the refrigerator and put it right on the kitchen table.

Asobu Tritan Flavor it Water Bottle

Fruit Infused Water BottleMost Popular Travel Bottle

This tough little fruit infused water bottle is great for taking to the gym, office, school, travel, the outdoors — just about anywhere you go every day. It’s made of impact resistant plastic so it won’t break if it’s dropped and can handle very hot and cold temperatures. It comes in many colors including red, yellow, green, blue, and yellow.

The stylish design and portability of the Asobu Tritan Flavor it Water Bottle makes this one of our favorite picks.

Eastman Tritan Infuser Water Bottle – 27 Ounce

Infuser Water Bottle 27 OunceHeavy Duty Chemical-Safe Infuser

This fruit infused water bottle is great for travel, which makes drinking more water on the go easier. It’s made of heavy duty Eastman Tritan plastic, a material that’s touted as safer for food contact. It’s easy to clean, and holds a decent amount of water. It has a rubber bottom which makes it easier to keep on top of smooth surfaces, like your desk at work or a table at a restaurant.

We really like the chemical-safe material this bottle is made of, because if you leave it in the car and it gets hot (which happens a lot), you don’t want to be worried that the plastic has leeched bad things into your water. This Eastman Tritan Infuser Water Bottle guarantees it.

AdNArt Flavour It Glass Water Bottle 20 Ounce

AdNArt Flavour It Glass Water BottleOur Favorite Glass Infuser

This is the smallest of the three bottles at 20 ounces, but it is the only fruit infused water bottle made of glass, which I liked, and it is also colorful and fun looking.

Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher – 3.25 Quart

Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher - 3.25 QuartBiggest Pitcher

The quality on this pitcher is impressive, it’s the latest product from Decodyne, a popular kitchenware company. It’s made of BPA free acrylic, and at 3.25 quarts it is HUGE! The large size makes it easy to leave a large batch of fruit infused water in the refrigerator for anytime infused water for your family.

The best part of the Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher is it’s attractive design, very sleek and modern, making it perfect for a nice dinner setting.

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Our opinion of the best fruit infused water bottle:

red-asuboAll in all, we found every one of these fruit infused water bottle choices worked fine. Your decision would depend primary what was most important to you: Size, portability, or style. As long as whatever you choose helps you drink more water, you can’t lose with any of these great products.



  1. Kathie says:

    If i use a travel infuser, can I just use the fruit I put in it in the morning when I refill or do I have to use new fruit every time I fill it up?

    • Audrey says:

      You should be able to refill it about 4-5 times without flavor loss, just pay attention to the flavor each time and you’ll know exactly how many times you can refill it for next time. :)

  2. Belle says:

    I put strawberries and grapes in mine and it taste JUST like strawberries. Not to much not to little. But just right :) I mean yes it takes about 30 min to flavor but in my case to use it i can wait 30 min.

  3. jessica says:

    do i have to use an infuser bottle or can i use an ordinary large drink bottle and still have the same affect?

    • Audrey says:

      If you don’t have an infused water bottle you can use a traditional pitcher. Add the fruit, top with ice (this will hold the fruit down and acts in place of an infuser bottle) and let sit for an hour or longer for more flavor.

  4. Pam says:

    Audrey have you tried any of the infuser that installed on the bottom? It would seem that you would get more flavor as you drink since fruit is at the bottom. Any thoughts?

  5. exactly, was wondering why you even need to buy s “special” bottle or cup.

  6. gracie says:

    does it matter if i should use plastic or glass infuser?

  7. Melissa says:

    Have you tried the Define brand bottle? How does it compare?

    • Audrey says:

      Melissa, we have not tried the Define Bottle. It’s a little too pricey for our taste, and according to recent Amazon Reviews for the Define Bottle, it sounds like it has issues with leaking. There are a lot of other great infused water bottles available that are more affordable and have less issues, so for now we don’t recommend the Define Bottle. Thank you.

  8. Camille says:

    First i want to say thank you for the great recipes, everyone I have tried taste very nice. Second, I found an awesome bottle in Wal-Mart for 4.63, it is 27 oz and works great.

  9. Aubrey says:

    I love making fruit infused water. I just made, cucumber, mango, and orange water. Can’t wait to try it.

  10. Dana says:

    I’ve found that if I can’t get ice to put in mine I can use frozen blueberries because they sink to the bottom of my bottle. I’ve tried apple an orange infuse water and I wasn’t a fan. The oranges made it taste all acidy. Anyone have any ideas of some that are really good? I love strawberries that’s one I want to try next.

  11. Audrey says:

    Lauren, I’m not sure which bottle you’re referring to since no bottle costs $105 (63 British Pounds) if you’re looking about it from the U.S. It may have something to do with the shipping to send it to the UK, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. You can search on Amazon UK for fruit infused water bottles ( to get one for a reasonable price.

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